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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the agency been in business?

Lifeline Homecare has been in business since 1989.

Does the agency provide employees a complete package of educational material that covers such topics as types of services provided, patient rights and responsibilities, and billing procedures?

Yes, employees are provided with written policies and procedures during orientation  training.

Does the agency have a comprehensive written policy and procedure manual and training program for its employees?

Yes, employees are provided with written policies and procedures during orientation  training. In addition, employees receive ongoing continuing  education and professional development  training.

Has the agency instituted an ongoing compliance program to ensure policies and procedures are being followed?

Lifeline Homecare has an ongoing compliance regimen

Does the agency verify its employees by thoroughly checking their references, professional licensure and affiliations and by undertaking background checks and drug screening?

Yes, Lifeline Homecare has a very thorough screening process of all employees. As part of our BetterCare Screening Process, we participate  with the Caregiver Quality Assurance Program, the industry leading program for recruiting, selecting and retaining the best caregivers.

Does the field supervisor complete an initial client evaluation in conjunction with the patient and/or family members resulting in a specific and individual care plan that is agreed to by all parties involved, including the family?

Yes, an initial assessment  is conducted and a personalized care plan is developed for each unique client.

What is the process for getting questions answered and issues resolved?

Questions may be answered by contacting the Lifeline Homecare office at 1-844-LIFELINE or 1-844-543-3546.

Questions may also be directed to us by email at

What is the chain of command? How responsive is the agency in resolving issues?

Lifeline Homecare addresses the chain of command by attempting  to resolve all issues at the lowest level possible to ensure proper resolution  immediately.  Issues are directed to Lifeline Homecare’s regional offices for resolution.  If no resolution  is reached, problems or issues may be directed to the corporate office for follow-up and resolution.

What procedures does the agency have in place to handle emergencies?

In the event of an emergency, all employees are instructed  to first call 911. Employees are then instructed  to call their supervisor at Lifeline Homecare.

How does the agency ensure client confidentiality?

Federal and state provisions  require that all Lifeline Homecare employees keep information  regarding clients  and former clients confidential.  All employees are required upon hire to read and sign an Agreement to Assure Confidentiality statement.

What are the billing procedures of the agency?

Lifeline Homecare typically bills monthly to ensure accuracy. In some cases, we may bill more frequently  based on client request or other partner requirements.

Does the agency have its own employees answer the phone during business hours?

Yes, whenever you call Lifeline Homecare, you can be assured that you will be speaking to a Lifeline Homecare employee.

Will you provide references from doctors, patients and discharge planners?

Lifeline Homecare will provide references upon request.

Does the agency do pre-employment drug screening?

Lifeline Homecare drug screens every employee, including random screenings at any time.

How is the privacy of my personal information maintained?

As a professional organization in the home care industry, your information  will never be sold to any 3rd party or affiliate under any circumstances. Lifeline Homecare adheres to all federal and state HIPAA rules and regulations.

Do I need a physician’s authorization/prescription?

In most cases, there is no doctor’s prescription  or pre-authorization required. Veterans Administration benefits and some private insurance companies may require authorization/pre-authorization.

What if I need changes to my services?

We can adjust schedules with short notice, and we do not have any contract period to which you are committed.

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. You, or an authorized representative, will be invoiced after the completion of services. Because all Lifeline Homecare caregivers are employees of the company, you will not have to pay them directly.

If I change my mind, do I have to keep the service?

No. You will never be locked into a long-term contract, and Lifeline Homecare will never require you to continue with services if you choose not to continue.

Are Lifeline Homecare Caregivers certified and bonded?


How quickly can services be started?

In most instances, we can start services the same day, and generally, within a couple of hours from the time we receive the call.

How do I start services?

You may call us at 1-844-543-3546 or email to begin the process. We will contact you to schedule a free in-home assessment  to determine your care needs. Then, we will identify caregivers who have the skills, personality  and availability to assist you. Lifeline Homecare is here to help, it’s that easy!